The Learning Experience Academies of Early Education are places where children and families have been coming to learn, play and grow for more than a decade. is a place for families to share their own experiences at TLE. We want to hear how we're making an impact on your family. Please share your TLE story below and let us know what you love about The Learning Experience!

I feel so fortunate to have found The Learning Experience. My son started there at 2.5 Years old. He is well-adjusted and happy. I am proud of his development in the care of Ms Rita Gonzalez and staff. They truly love and treat the children like they are their own. They do the cutest projects with the children, they teach them songs in English they take them for reading time to the library, and many other things that are wonderful for the children. I also enjoyed receiving pictures of my son daily through their TLE mobile app. Their communication with parents is excellent. I always appreciated knowing what was happening and their constant care and updates regarding the children. I recommend them wholeheartedly and I encourage anyone looking for quality childcare for your little one to check them out .

Chetna D.

my daughter is a very shy girl and as the only child i was very worried of her social skills and also adapting to a new environment. Sarah started kindergarten this past fall at the east windsor TLE and i have to say the experience has been amazing. Her teacher is very attentive, informative and warmth. The director is very nice and helpful. lastly the staff are all very nice. Sarah is learning so much everyday and her social skills has improved very much. Am very pleased with service provided at the location. I will recommend this school for any parent who want a good education starting point for their children. Am looking forward to Sarah going to public school this fall. For the time being I want her to enjoy the journey with her peers and also enjoy summer camp this year at TLE Thanks to everybody and be blessed.

Gloria B.

The Learning Experience in East Windsor branch, is “the best” place to rely on to take care of your kids when you are away for work. I have complete satisfaction with the staff working here and they really take good care of my kids which leave me in peace when i’m at my work place.


I sent my daughter to The Learning Experience from age 2-4. She absolutely loved it, and still talks about her teachers today. It is such a nurturing and friendly environment. My daughter has some difficulty transitioning to different environments and separating from myself and my husband. The teachers did an excellent job assisting us with the transition process, and after the second day my daughter was excited to go back. I would highly recommend this daycare, and I am very pleased with our experience there.

Kristen P.

Both my 2 & 4 year old go to TLE East Windsor. My 2 year joined TE when he was 4 month old, initially I was worried but soon I was so comfortable. I learnt so much from teachers, which helped me with my infant. My 4 year old has become very confident and expressive after joining this centre. Both my kids love their teachers and have learnt well. From my friends and family I get to hear that my kids are well behaved & I know TLE has a big role to play.

Payal M.

We love TLE! We have been with TLE since our son was 6 months old. Everyone we have interacted with has had our children's best interest in mind. Everyone at the center always has a smile on their face and is always willing to go out of their way to put the needs of your child first. Would recommend TLE to anyone!

Chris B.

Best Day care center my son attended so far. They have very good facility, very helpful staff members. The best part is that teachers are very experienced. After i enrolled my son here, he is excited to go to day care everyday. This made my life so easy.

srinivas K.

The staff at the TLE East Windsor are the most caring, patient and professional team around. They take such great care of our daughter and truly take great personal care of all the kids here. I trust them immensely. They ROCK!!!

Ylana E.

As teacher here for the past 9 years, I can honestly say that I really enjoy coming here every single day. I've seen children come in as an infant and blossom into well-rounded individuals in my kindergarten classroom. The center really gives a family orientated feel and management cares about the children, parents, and staff. The most rewarding feeling is when I have former parents and students of mine tell me how much they miss The Learning Experience when they come back visit!

Lihping L.

Love the staff here. I’ve known this place for the last 10 years now. My older son went here and my younger one is here too. Some of the teachers I know have been here forever and that shows how good and happy they are with the management here. At the end of the day what a parent wants is peace of mind to know their kids are in good hands and not having to worry about them. That’s what I have always got with the Learning Experience at East Windsor. I definitely recommend them

Tasneem S.

We love the staff at TLE! My son started a year ago (at 3 months old). We looked into several child care options, but connected the most with TLE East Windsor. Ms. Sapna, Ms. Sarah and the TLE staff treat my son as their own. As a teacher, I love that I can take the summer off to spend with my son and can return in September. My son is learning so much and has made many friends. We also love the events — Breakfast with Santa, Donuts with Dads and the holiday party were all wonderful events! We love TLE!


We love TLE! My son has been at the center since he was four months old and as a first time Mom, I was nervous to leave him but the teachers reassured me as I saw how they interacted and played with him! My son loves going to school each morning and I love coming to the classroom and seeing all his little friends and the smiles on their faces too! The teachers are very friendly and personable and you can see how much the kids love them! It’s heartwarming to drop off and pick up your child each day and see them give their teacher a big smile or hug and know they are in great hands. As a teacher, both the curriculum and teaching styles are important to me and TLE has developed their own with monthly themes along with extra curricular items such as yoga and dancing feet! The children are taught in an encouraging and positive environment which I personally feel is the best way for a child to learn. As students move through the rooms, the curriculum becomes more academically sound and the students are at a kindergarten level and ready for elementary school for when the time comes! The teachers here make sure the students develop a love for a life long journey of learning! I would highly recommend TLE of East Windsor!

Justine B.

My son started at TLE when he was just 10 weeks old. As first-time parents, and returning back to work we were nervous about leaving our son alone with strangers all day. It didn't take long at all for the TLE East Windsor family to feel like an extension of our own home. Our son goes into school everyday with the biggest smile on his face, if we have to pick him up early he's almost upset to be leaving his buddies. We cannot thank the TLE family enough for all they do for our son, we absoltuley love the center and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great place for their kids to learn and have fun.

Hannah M.

Excellent Day care. My daughter loves it. Sometimes she doesn't want to come back home. She has been going there since almost 2 years. Staff is very friendly, caring and co-operative. They always there to listen and help you if you need them. Summer activities are fun and my daughter loves that. She likes going there everyday . Great place fora child to learn with fun and grow.

Vineet M.

My experience with TLE has always been one where I am always amazed at the new words and math he learns each day. His growth and intellect is guided and poised to take on new challenges daily. I love this family of teachers who take so much care in helping to raise my grandson.


I was hesitant when moving to Florida and finding a great, dependable, trustworthy daycare for my children. I literally went to just about every daycare in the Palm Beach/ West Palm Beach area and did walk-throughs, met the staff etc. I knew right away when I went to the West Palm Beach TLE that this place was the one. I did not care that it was way out of my way from work, etc. The best is what you get here for your child and your family. Monica has been there since day 1, she is the best. She is understanding, she is great with all the kids, she is dependable, organized, answers all questions right away, she is always there at the center. All the staff members are just great with the kids, from my infant when he started there at 6 months old, all the way through VPK. I couldn't ask for a better daycare for my children. They have up-to-date apps, you get updated all day on what your child is doing, eating, playing, etc. It is great! Everyone there I have dealt with is like family, so caring and nurturing. They call you if they get the slightest bump, scratch, anything. They have great activities, holiday parties, zoo animals, puppet shows, you name it, they will schedule it. They also have an amazing summer camp for the kids when school ends. If I could give this school a rating out of 10, it would be 11. Thank you West Palm Beach TLE your truly the best!


My experience with the Learning Experience has been nothing short of amazing. My daughter started at the Learning Experience after some serious health issues took out of daycare from 9-18months. Every step of the way in her transition back to daycare, the Learning Experience was there, helping with her grow and flourish in more ways than I could've imagined. I would recommend this daycare to anyone who asks and can't thank the staff enough for the care and support they've shown my family.

Cecilia D.

My daughters (2 years and 10 months) both started at TLE Union when they were 8 and 12 weeks old. TLE is a second home to them. What amazes me the most is how much love is felt when you walk into the door. My husband and I take such comfort in knowing that our girls are loved, cared for, and treated in the highest respect. On weekends, my two year old gets sad that it is not a day to go to school. The amount of learning that occurs is also unbelievable. I am a teacher myself, and it amazes me what the teachers do every day. There is not another place around here that I would even consider sending my babies. The staff is top notch, the place is clean, and I take great comfort in knowing that they are having amazing days, every day! I can't recommend TLE Union enough!

Katie G.

My son has now begun sight words and his learning has excelled since being at TLE Union. His vocabulary is clear and extensive. He always talks about how much fun he has at TLE. The staff is great and the teachers are wonderful. He has been at TLE Union since he was 5 months old an.d he is prepared for the next steps in education.

Andrew T.

Highly Recommend! As a working mom, the teachers, staff and management made my transition back to work SO much easier. They were very responsive to any request and needs. My husband and I trusted them fully because you can really tell how much they care about your child. In our search for a new daycare, we have found it is extremely rare for anyone to offer such a great program for infants. They do TONS of activities with the infants and you never need to worry that your child is left in a crib/swing/chair all day. My daughter will definitely be here for a long time.

Mariam K.

My son has been attending TLE Union for 5 months now and the progression he has made in this little bit of time is nothing short of amazing. My son had a hard time breaking away from us in the beginning but now he gets instant joy just even pulling into the school parking lot. When he walks into his classroom and runs to his teacher smiling and ready to get his day started, it literally melts my heart knowing that I made the right decision choosing this place for him. When he's home I always catch him practicing and reciting things he learned in school and that also lets me feel confident that they have him on the right track. Thanks TLE!

Tanisha L.

Our son has been going to TLE Union since he was 5 months old. Now approaching 5 years old they have done a wonderful job with him and he is truly part of the TLE Union family. Ms. Marie is an angel in she knows how al the kids are doing and if there is an issue she quickly puts you at ease. Love the teachers and they continue to do a wonderful job with our son.

Andrew T.

My son has been going to TLE for 1 year now and he is progressed so fast with their daily learning programs. I should thank all the staff who had been through that progress throughout the year. They offer variety of activities on daily basis. They maintain a very clean and organized healthy environment. Their staff are very overwhelming. They update your kids report on daily basis with good pics, which make you feel not missing them. He enjoys going to the center every single day. I would definetly recommend learning experience.


TLE has been amazing for my son all the staff very generous and friendly to both the kids and the parents. He does a lot of different activities that help him learn. This is the perfect place to prepare your kids for their learning path.


My son has been going to The Learning Experience in Northville for the last 5 years. He went there for preschool, then before and after school care during school year. Every summer we enjoy their school age summer camp. As a single parent they have been there EVERY time I needed them. When school is closed they are open, when my baby sitter misses her alarm, they have been there. When I’m stuck at work and can’t pick my son up, they have been there. Now we are transferring schools and they are going to be there. I cannot explain how valuable they have been to my family. I have peace of mind knowing I can, and always have been able to count on them. The staff is always friend, approachable and super helpful. I honestly don’t know how I would have been able to make it as a single parent if it wasn’t for them. They are the most flexible facility/child care program I have enquired about. I am truly blessed to have found them. I recommend the Northville location to any family looking for any type of child care needs. They have grown with my families needs as I’m sure they can with yours. Thank you TLE, Mariana


TLE has been our lifesaver! Our 2 year old daughter was previously at another school this year and we were receiving calls and reports that she was being disruptive with tantrums that would result in her being removed from the class and sat in the nurses office until she calmed down. After the 2nd time it was suggested we have our daughter tested for sensory issues, we decided that this school was simply not the right place for her. Ms. Angie at TLE in McKinney has truly been the most amazing influence in our daughter's life in such a short period of time. We've seen our sweet girl get the attention she needs and the firmness when needed to keep her on task. She is in love with her class and teachers. We are so happy with the care and love she is receiving as well. She is talking SO much more, happy almost 100% of the time, and has learned colors, counting, and so much more. We feel so blessed to have experienced a school that realizes not all children are the same and that some need a different approach. Our daughter is certainly loved at this school and we couldn't ask for a better place for her to learn! Thank you TLE McKinney!

Melissa T.

We’ve been with The Learning Expierience for over a month. We truly enjoy the TLE environment, curriculum, staff and attention given to our child’s personal growth and development. Our little girl loves her Toddler Teacher Ms.Rose. Everyday she’s excited and ready to go to school to be with her Teacher and friends. We notice her change and growth each and everyday. Her Teacher truly goes above and beyond in and out of her classroom. Thank you for ALL that you do Ms.Rose.

Lisa I.

My 3 year old son has been at TLE Coppell for 6 months.Teachers there are patient and nice. They know each kid's name. It's tough in the first two weeks, because my son has never been to daycare before. After two weeks, my son enjoys going to TLE each day. It's a awesome place for your kids.

xin Z.

We have been to TLE(coppell) since June 2017. At the time, my son could understand my mother tongue only, but the teachers and staff very kindly supported us. I appreciate so much. Clean classrooms, pictures of my son sent to us everyday, children's learning, school events, etc. are all wonderful.


My daughter has been attending since she was one and started in the Toddler class with Ms. Keren, who is AMAZING!! She has since moved to twaddlers when she turned 2 and is now almost 3 and is in Preppers with Ms. Kira, who truly cares about not only her job but all of the children in her class. The Learning Experience in Coppell is a wonderful place to enroll your child/children.

Kendra M.

I was so worried about taking my son to daycare for the first time at 12 weeks old. The Learning Experience was the first daycare that I toured and I instantly knew that this was the place for my son. Seraj was so friendly and he knew all of the kids names that we passed by. Miss Amy, Miss Huq, and Miss Charlotte in the infant room were so sweet and you could really tell how much they care about all of the children that they are caring for. My son instantly loved them which was saying a lot since he cried whenever anyone that wasn't Mommy or Daddy tried to hold him. My son is now 5 months old and I am still so happy with my decision. Every morning Miss Amy updates me on how my son was the day before and inquires about how he is doing at home. There is no doubt that she truly cares about my baby, his development, and well being. Alyssa the Assistant Director is so great with all of the kiddos and parents. She is on top of communicating with the parents about everything that is going on at the facility. It is important that the daycare your children go to is a good fit for you and your family and The Learning Experience has definitely been a good fit for my family. I hope that you will consider The Learning Experience for your child care.

Stephanie H.

My two children have attended the TLE in Waldwick, NJ for many years now. TLE is our literally our home away from home. The moment you enter the doors of TLE. you feel a warm and inviting welcome. The staff at TLE is beyond, warm-hearted and dedicated to instilling the love for learning in children. As well, their highly qualified teachers have prepared my children with the basic fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic. Grant and Trevor couldn’t be happier or in a warmer, safer and nurturing environment. Definitely TLE it’s the place to be!!!!!

Karina H.

My 21 month old daughter and 8 month old son absolutely love The Learning Experience as well as my husband and I. I will never forget hearing my daughter start counting to ten and singing her ABC’s around 18 months all due to the amazing teachers at The Learning Experience. Being a two working parent household isn’t easy, but knowing our children are in an amazing learning and loving environment definitely helps.

Kristin S.

My son started at TLE with barely 13 months old, I was a first time mom and I was terrified of leaving my son in the care of others, but as a mother of this time, the needed to continue working life was not long in coming. I visited 10 different daycare from my area until I found this wonderful center (The Learning Experience of Kendall). My son was just beginning to walk and his adaptation to TLE was so quick that I was amazed, but that was only possible because of the dedication and love my son received in this place, I cannot express my gratitude to each of the people in TLE. Caring for a child at any age is very important and in this place they know it perfectly. TLE has a staff with many values, one of the most important things when taking care of a child is cleaning and personally I have not seen any other place as clean as here. Currently I leave my son every morning confident that here he finds everything necessary to learn and be a healthy and happy child and most important he finds the love we give him in our own home. (Spanish) Mi hijo empezó en TLE con apenas 13 meses de edad, yo siendo mama primeriza me aterraba la idea de dejar a mi hijo al cuidado de otros, pero como mama de esta época la necesidad de continuar la vida laboral no se hizo esperar, recorrí 10 diferentes daycare de mi área hasta que encontré este maravilloso centro (The Learning Experience of Kendall) . Mi hijo apenas empezaba a caminar y su adaptación a TLE fue tan rápida que me quede asombrada, pero eso solo fue posible por la dedicación y cariño que recibió mi hijo en este lugar, no tengo como expresar tanto agradecimiento a cada una de las personas en TLE. El cuidado de un niño a cualquier edad es muy importante y en este lugar lo saben perfectamente. TLE cuenta con un personal con muchos valores, una de las cosas más importante al cuidado de un niño es la limpieza y personalmente no he visto ningún otro lugar tan limpio como aquí. Actualmente dejo a mi hijo cada mañana confiada que aquí el encuentra todo lo necesario para aprender y ser un niño sano y feliz y sobre todas las cosas encuentra el amor que le damos en nuestro propio hogar.

Maylin R.

Indeed it has been an experience for me lovely place to work. Great teachers and I love the kids

Amba O.

Hi, I have had my son at this school for 4 years. I have to tell you that it was the best decision I have made. The teachers and staff are very professional and sincere! The school is well kept and very clean which is a big plus for me. The curriculum is great and the school is safe! I’ve had friends ask me what school my son goes to because he is so very advanced. A couple of them even switched to TLE. I give the credit to the Director Ariana and the TLE teachers. I will recommend TLE in kendall to anyone! Thank you to all the teachers and staff for taking great care of my son! Keep up the good work!

Robert N.

Amanda and Stephanie are a great! My son is currently in the infant room! He enjoys going to daycare every day! I love seeing the smile he has entering his classroom and the smile he has when I come pick him up. I love T.L.E and I look forward to my son growing and continuing through each classroom until he graduates!

Kim D.

I would like to express how grateful we are that we found such a great place for Avery to attend since she was four months old. She's learned so much at TLE and has been cared for and loved. -Lindsay


Awesome place to leave your kids and sit back at office or wherever you want to.. My 2 year girl was happy to stay there from day one and has learnt social skills in a span of month.


I couldn't imagine my daughter anywhere else. She started at tle at 6 weeks old. She knows so much!! Tle has taught her sign language, spanish, phonics, math, ect... but most important being independent and given the keys to success. Everyday she can't wait to show me what she has learned. TLE Milford is the best!


We have been at TLE in Milford since early 2014 when my oldest started in the infant room, and we now have two kids in the preschool rooms. The staff and curriculum are top-notch, and my kids love going to school every day. They have so much fun and love their teachers and friends. The director Kathy and business manager Terri really go the extra mile to plan fun events and activities for the kids and families. I highly recommend this center!!


My children have been attending TLE starting when they were babies. They are now both in the preschool classrooms and will be there until they go off to kindergarten. They both enjoy their time there and are always eager to go to school in the morning and then eager to tell me what they learned when I pick them up. There is a good mix between structured play and the official curriculum. The curriculum includes various skills including vocabulary, sign language, foreign language and some math. They enjoy their teachers and friends and talk about them often at home. There is also a nice play area outdoors as well as an indoor play area for the colder months. A few times per year there are also family events which are a lot of fun. There is a build up to the events with the curriculum introducing new topics. Most recently there was a safari event where each classroom was very well decorated representing an animal the children had learned about along with some animal facts, cool snacks and activities in each room. I would recommend TLE in Milford to anyone looking for a quality place to send their children.


The Learning Experience is so much more than just a daycare for my girls. This is one special place with some incredible teachers! I have never worried about any situation while leaving my girls at TLE; they’re in excellent hands! The staff is attentive, professional and genuinely cares about each and every child. I would highly recommend TLE Milford to anyone seeking a special place for child/children!

Holly M.

Madeline started at TLE when she was 3. A year and a half later I can say it was absolutely the right choice. All the teachers and staff are wonderful. Madeline is learning so much, and she's always happy to be at school. I also love the theme nights the center does. It allows us to relax and have fun, and gives me a glimpse into what a day at school is like for her!

Shannon K.

I absolutely love TLE in Milford, the teachers are so welcoming, there is always some fun filled learning activity going on for the children. My son has been there a little over nine months and has learned so much in that short period of time . I couldn't be more happier with my child care!

Maria N.

I Have Nothing to say other than my Son has been treated with Dignity, Love and Care since he started coming to this Great Center. It's only been Three months and from a child that is extremely shy he has blossomed tremendously. He is only on a Transitional stage, and I Cannot wait until my Son begins the VPK program on August 20th (very soon). Needless to say... The Director (Mildred) is Amazing, Lovely and very compassionate when it comes to Kids. Even though I don't get a chance to see Mr. Paul that much, he's very kind and respectful as well. Conclusion, Great Director and Wonderfull Staff. As my son "Dimarco" begins his VPK journey, I will be more than Glad to share his advancement and adventures in this School. ~Thank You. Sandy Lopez (a Happy Mom) DOWNTOWN MIAMI.

Sandy L.

I have twin girls who have been attending since they were 3 months old. The staff is awesome. You can tell they really do enjoy having my kids there. My kids always have smiles on their faces in the pictures I receive throughout the day. The facility is clean and well maintained. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a daycare.

Katie T.

My kinds have been going to TLE for the past 3 years.Every teacher they have had has been phenomenal. The staff at TLE are all professional and compassionate. The curriculum is amazing, they even learn sign language and Spanish. The center is very clean and organized.


Both of my girls have gone here for the last three years. My oldest graduated two years ago and my youngest recently graduated (what a sweet graduation ceremony!) We will be sad once Summer Camp ends and Kindergarten starts in the fall. Amaya is 100% ready for Kindergarten due to the curriculum, even at her a younger-age entry into Kindergarten. We love the staff in Cromwell!

Stacy S.

We were truly blessed finding TLE Danvers. Brodee started in daycare at just 19 months old, merely days after I landed a job that needed me asap. He has had genuine and caring staff help raise him while at school. The atmosphere is always fun and friendly, welcoming and yet educational in every aspect. We will miss TLE Danvers and the top notch women there who will ALWAYS have a place in our hearts.


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