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TLE at Home 1 Year Old - Week of March 23rd

Daily Video Lessons:

Additional Video Resources:

We understand how it can comfort your little one to see a familiar face, like Bubbles, as they enjoy story time. Tune in every Monday for a new Bubbles Reading Corner video!
Don’t forget to tune in this week and watch your friend Bubbles read Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr
New Bubbles Adventure every Friday! Share a new learning adventure with Bubbles and the gang and learn important lessons like how to recycle, reinforce good manners and more. 
New! Friday, March 27th: Shape of Things

In the Small Footprints videos your child will have the ability to take virtual field trips where they are introduced to such topics as butterflies, dinosaurs, and coral reefs. New videos every Tuesday and Thursday!
New! Thursday, March 26th: Veterinarian

At-Home Proprietary Activities:


Do you have any of your child’s past enrichment kits at home? This is a great opportunity to get them out and re-visit some of their favorite activities!
1. Get your Yippee 4 Yoga mat out and practice some of your favorite poses -Listen to any of the CD’s and use your finger puppet to sing & dance along
2. Grab your animal mask from the Talent Sprouts kit and pretend you are that animal, make the noises and movements of that animal
3. In the mood for a physical activity? Take your jump rope out from your Movin N Grovin kit and see how many jumps you can do in a row
4. Take out your rhythm sticks from your Music 4 Me kit and create a new song or beat

Recommended Books to Read:

Wash, Wash, Wash by Pamela Chanko
Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli
How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen
An Elbow, Please! from the TLE Manners Matter Readers
What are Germs? by Katie Daynes
When your Lion Needs a Bath by Susanna Leonard
Hill Bath Time! by Sandra Boynton

Sign Language:

This year your child has learned many signs that can assist them in strengthening their communication and language skills. Re-visit the signs below at home with your child this week.
Using both hands, put your fingertips and thumbs together as if holding a piece of food. Bring your hands together in front of you, tapping the tips of your fingers on each hand together.
Place both hands open in front of you with palms facing you and fingers pointing upward. Twist both hands quickly a couple of times, ending with palms facing slightly forward.

Online Activities:

  • New! Every day at 3pm check out the Cincinnati Zoo as they go live with a new animal each day
  • New! Check out Mo Willems every day at 1pm to learn how to draw a new doodle. This highly praised children’s book author and illustrator hosts free guided drawing sessions for children on the Kennedy Center’s You Tube Channel!
  • The curriculum Team offers a wide variety of developmentally appropriate online activities via the L.E.A.P. Interactive boards. These websites directly relate to the curriculum and serve as great resources for distance learning and virtual field trips.

Additional Resources: