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Help Your Child’s Friendships Flourish

Good friends help make our lives more enjoyable and full of love and caring. Friends are there to celebrate the joyful times, to give support during sad times, and share one another’s experiences throughout life. According to psychiatrist Dr. Saul ...

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The Summer Slide

When we talk about the “Summer Slide”, we aren’t just referring to everyone’s favorite playground equipment! Did you know that during the summer months, if children aren’t exposed to the same academic challenges as during the school year, t...

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I Can Do It by Myself: Developing Your Child’s Independence

The preschool years are a time of burgeoning independence when children develop their intellectual, verbal, and social-emotional skills. It’s a time when they tackle an increasing number of tasks independently. As children learn to be more responsi...

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Get Active Outdoors!

By Rebecca M. Solomon, Ph.D

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Building Mathematics Skills in Young Children

From infancy, children begin to construct ideas about math through their daily routines and experiences, as well as interactions with trusted adults. Helping them see how math plays a role in their everyday lives allows children to begin to develop i...

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