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Avoiding the Summer Slide

The summer slide isn't part of a fun day in the park, but rather refers to the loss of learning or "brain drain" children many children experience during the summer when not academically engaged. Children can lose up to 2.6 months of progress in math...

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Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week starts this Monday. Still looking for a gift? We've compiled a list of quick, easy and inexpensive gifts that any teacher would love!

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There’s No Time Like the Present! Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Are you already nervous about your child's first day of Kindergarten? Do you find yourself asking, "Are they ready?" and "Are they prepared?" Instead of worrying if they're prepared, make sure they are prepared by teaching the necessary skills for su...

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Planning Playdates & Fostering Friendships at Home

Playdates can enrich your child’s life as they will learn a whole range of essential life skills in the best way – through play and fun. As they play, they are learning creativity, communication, and working together as part of a team. Knowing ho...

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Creative Frame of Mind

Continue this year by inspiring your children’s imagination and thoughts and unleashing their creative juices by making time for them to have creative fun. It may sound like this is just another chore to add on to your already long list of cooking,...

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