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How to Help Your Child's First Friendships Flourish

Good friends help make our lives more enjoyable and full of love and caring. Friends are there to celebrate the joyful times, to give support during sad times, and share one another’s experiences throughout life. According to psychiatrist Dr. Saul ...

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Creative Life Hacks for Preschool Parents

Making the transition to preschool can be stressful. By establishing an easy-to-keep weekly routine and giving your preschooler a few small but meaningful responsibilities at home, you can help build your child's confidence, give them a sense of acco...

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Preparing Your Family for Preschool

Did you know that as much as 90% of our brain's growth occurs between birth and age five? We experience more brain growth during these early years than we do for the rest of our lives! While the importance of providing children with quality education...

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Family using devices and not interacting

Powering Off & Reconnecting With Family

Children get lost in their electronics. Frankly, I feel that adults do, too. We are losing touch with nature. With our eyes glued to our devices, we are missing the little things. Similarly, when their eyes are on their tablets, our children aren’t...

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The Learning Experience's Summer Reading Guide

During the summer months, parents often find themselves looking for new and creative ways to entertain their children, often without much luck. In these moments of frustration, it’s easy to forget that you have easy access to a whole galaxy of new ...

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