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How to Explore STEAM at Home

Children are inquisitive learners who learn concepts through play because they are born with this natural curiosity. We should provide children an environment where they can build upon their natural inclination to explore, discover, and question. S.T...

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Easy Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Nothing is more frustrating for a new parent than hearing your baby cry and being unable to soothe him. As a parent, you want only the best for your baby and it is so important to get your baby sleep, sleep your baby needs to be rested, calm and happ...

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Educating the Heart as Well as the Mind!

How can we raise children with generous and compassionate genes? We must nurture the ability to care about others starting in the early years. We want lessons about doing good for others and charity to be more than a one-time occurrence so that the s...

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Positive Reinforcement Equals Healthy Habits!

The technique of positive reinforcement can be used by parents to modify and/or solidify children's good or desired behavior. Whenever a child displays a behavior, there is either a positive or negative consequence. While a child who receives negativ...

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Helping Your Shy Child

It’s impossible to tell if a toddler’s shyness is something that will remain with her through life, or if she’s just behaving like a typical child of this age. So, instead of worrying about her shyness, or looking for a solution to it, try to f...

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