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Before you know it, summer will officially be over and your little ones will be walking through the doors of their school to start a new academic year. With new teachers, new classmates, and new surroundings, there’s a lot to take in and a great amount of adjustment for the entire family. By establishing easy-to-keep routines and creative takes on everyday moments, you help build your little one’s confidence while encouraging them to be self-reliant with skills they can practice at home.


Our learning experts here at The Learning Experience® put together a list of pre-school life hacks to help your child adjust and succeed while you get to keep your sanity as a parent. 


1. Teach your child how to put on their shoes on the right foot with stickers. Cut one of their favorite stickers in half and place one side on the inside of each shoe. That way, your little one will associate the direction of the sticker with their left and right foot!


2. Create a reading corner. Gather some of your family’s favorite pillows, maybe a comfortable blanket, and make an area that is enticing for your little one to cozy up with a good book (like the ones listed in our summer reading list) or homework. The more inviting the space, the more likely he/she will be inclined to use it!


3. Make mornings of getting ready as easy as A-B-C! Every Sunday, have your child help pick out their outfits for the week and neatly place them in drawers clearly labeled Monday through Friday. Your mornings will be made simpler and your child will get dressed faster!


4. Get ready to turn school projects into an art gallery. No fridge magnets, no problem. Use curtain wire, ribbon, or twine and clips to create a stylish art gallery. You and your family can then admire the year’s worth of artwork.


5. Collect the crumbs created during drop-off and pick-up in a creative trashcan. For example, a cereal container can double up as the perfect vessel for your little one’s not eaten breakfast or afternoon snack at pick-up. 



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