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Bubbles' Blog Entries from 2016

Celebrating STEM in Early Childhood

When we think about the future that is in store for our children and ourselves, we cannot help but to think about the importance of innovation. We want our children to be innovators, prepared for success. How can we, as parents and teachers, prepare ...

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Let’s Get Ready to Read! Phonics in Early Childhood Education

Phonics in early childhood focuses on helping children understand that sounds and letters have a relationship. Through phonics, students learn that written English consists of groups of letters that represent a series of sounds, and that these sounds...

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Learning Bags and the Benefits of Show and Tell in Early Childhood Education

Many of us have fond childhood memories of bringing beloved items to school and showing our classmates. Show and Tell was a time to share some of our favorite toys, photos, and hobbies with our teachers and friends, but did you know that it was also ...

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Back to Preschool Hacks

Before you know it, summer will officially be over and your little ones will be walking through the doors of their school to start a new academic year. With new teachers, new classmates, and new surroundings, there’s a lot to take in and a great am...

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