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What are parents saying about TLE?

I absolutely love TLE in Milford, the teachers are so welcoming, there is always some fun filled learning activity going on for the children. My son has been there a little over nine months and has learned so much in that short period of time . I couldn't be more happier with my child care!
Madeline started at TLE when she was 3. A year and a half later I can say it was absolutely the right choice. All the teachers and staff are wonderful. Madeline is learning so much, and she's always happy to be at school. I also love the theme nights the center does. It allows us to relax and have fun, and gives me a glimpse into what a day at school is like for her!
The Learning Experience is so much more than just a daycare for my girls. This is one special place with some incredible teachers! I have never worried about any situation while leaving my girls at TLE; they’re in excellent hands! The staff is attentive, professional and genuinely cares about each and every child. I would highly recommend TLE Milford to anyone seeking a special place for child/children!
My children have been attending TLE starting when they were babies. They are now both in the preschool classrooms and will be there until they go off to kindergarten. They both enjoy their time there and are always eager to go to school in the morning and then eager to tell me what they learned when I pick them up. There is a good mix between structured play and the official curriculum. The curriculum includes various skills including vocabulary, sign language, foreign language and some math. They enjoy their teachers and friends and talk about them often at home. There is also a nice play area outdoors as well as an indoor play area for the colder months. A few times per year there are also family events which are a lot of fun. There is a build up to the events with the curriculum introducing new topics. Most recently there was a safari event where each classroom was very well decorated representing an animal the children had learned about along with some animal facts, cool snacks and activities in each room. I would recommend TLE in Milford to anyone looking for a quality place to send their children.