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What are parents saying about TLE?

I have had the best experience at TLE. I’m a first time mother and was extremely anxious about going back to work and not being with my little one all day. The staff is just simply amazing and so attentive to my little boy. I love the app and receiving updates all day long and I even get to view pictures the teachers upload throughout the day. You just simply can not put a price in peace of mind. When I drop of my son I leave with no worry that he will be well cared for. The curriculum they follow is great and my little one comes home doing something new everyday. I’m so impressed the the teachers in the infant room and how they know my babies needs and adapt to his schedule. I would recommend TLE to anyone who would like peace of mind knowing their child is well taken care of and being challenged developmentally.
So they saying “it starts at the top,” this is the most accurate statement that can be used when describing TLE. Jen Eckfield is the owner of The Learning Experience in Doylestown, and she sets the bar high….Every. Single. Day. Philip (my 4yr old) started TLE when he was 6 months. I was lucky and blessed enough to be finishing with one company at the end of my maternity leave and had a 3-month hiatus before starting with a new company. I hit the jackpot… I got to be a “working mom” who got 6 months at home with her newborn. Like every other mom, the fact that I knew I was going to have to put my son - my perfect little human being who was connected to my hip (and boob) every second of the day – in daycare… absolutely killed me. But, I had to do it. My husband and I had made the decision to live in Doylestown and save what we can and provide a beautiful life for our children… and that costs money…so, I work. I had been to other places that frankly scared the hell out of me. And my friend had just started her son at TLE and she told me to just go there and talk to Jen… and so fearfully and with a very heavy heart, and a HUGE brick wall up, I did. And to this day, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was just touring and I cried. Jen said for me to leave Philip in the baby room while she showed me everything. I was scared and hesitant, but I did it. And one of the teachers in there, GG – grabbed my baby and just instantly started loving on him. And she said that day, “these are all my babies.” And I believed in her beautiful smile and genuine heart, and that gave me some peace. Philip started a few weeks later and we “transitioned” him to the environment (and me). A few hours longer each day. A very hard time for me was when I picked Philip up one day and my sister in law was over and she said “he smells like someone else” … I instantly started crying and telling my husband my baby shouldn’t smell like anyone else, and that means I wasn’t there to hug him and love on him if he needed it. But then a moment of clarity came into my post-partum brain… if he smells like someone else… that means they are hugging and loving on him. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. This means they are caring for my child. This is what working moms NEED to know. So then I decided to 1) breath and 2) appreciate that this place and these people loved my baby. Sometimes the way we look at things makes a big different in our lives. I could talk for hours, days, weeks about TLE… I could say how my boys, yes… now I have 2… are so smart, and stimulated never want to leave when I pick them up…seriously. Our second son started at 10 weeks with Ms. Debbie (who I believe is an angel sent from GOD) and my GG (I call her mine, because she also held me when I cried and when I felt like I was missing things. She’s a mom too… she gets it). Both my boys have been in Ms. Cindy’s class – and she has literally become a part of our family. And then there are the teachers and aids there that haven’t even had my children in their class, but the know us, and love my kids and are involved. TLE is a daycare/school. Yes, it is a franchise. But it stands on its own…because it has Jen. Jen gets it. She hires the right people, she watches, she reacts, she listens. She’s a badass at giving to her community. She’s is a wife; a daughter; an incredible mother to her son Jack. She’s the full package. She is TLE – and that is why we love it there. It’s a simple as that.
We’ve been bringing our child to TLE since moving into the neighborhood two years ago. The facilities are excellent and kept very clean. The teachers and administrators are very professional, well trained and it is clear that they love children (just overall nice people). They run a program that has all the benefits of being national in scope, but they also provide a local touch. Most importantly, Kaiden loves his school. They make learning fun, and they also have a great indoor playroom and outdoor playground for kids to just play and have fun. Nutritious meals are carefully arranged and child safety is always their top priority. We really couldn’t be any happier with TLE and strongly recommend.
We were truly blessed finding TLE Danvers. Brodee started in daycare at just 19 months old, merely days after I landed a job that needed me asap. He has had genuine and caring staff help raise him while at school. The atmosphere is always fun and friendly, welcoming and yet educational in every aspect. We will miss TLE Danvers and the top notch women there who will ALWAYS have a place in our hearts.