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What are parents saying about TLE?

Gabriella has been a part of TLE since it opened it's doors almost a year ago. I couldn't ask for a better place! The staff is incredibly attentive, warm and caring. Gabriella has a bit of a crazy schedule prior to arrival at TLE, but the staff has been wonderful accommodating our needs. Gabriella truly enjoys her days and looks forward to returning daily. TLE is truly our second family!
Our family just recently moved to the area. When searching for child care, I spent endless hours on trying to find the right place. I must have gone to 15 center and home daycare facilities before wanting to give up and seriously consider what we were going to do. The last place I decided to look at was The Learning Experience. I cannot say enough that as soon as I walked in, I knew I was in the right place. It is so clean and organized! The staff has made the transition so easy for everyone, and I know that our son Wyatt is getting the attention and atmosphere he needs. Everyday Wyatt is excited to go to The Learning Experience! I am so thankful to have such an excellent place in our town!
Maleik has been at TLC Merrimack for a year and a half..almost since they opened...and our whole family loves it. The teachers are nice, caring and it feels like a second family.
We (my husband, son and I) LOVE TLE!!!! It's a beautiful facility, but it would be nothing without an AMAZING staff!!! The teachers there are loving, caring individuals in and out of the classroom. You can see that they truly are there for the children on a daily basis! And I say that from a parent's perspective, as well as, a co-teacher's view point! I really enjoy working with all of the women there! I have no qualms about going in early or staying late, just knowing that my fellow co-teachers are working just as hard to take care of my son and his classmates, as well as all of the other kid-o's there! We all want the best for the children we get the honor of teaching each day! The director and owner are both wonderful women and really know what it takes to put a fantastic center together! I've been to other centers and I know a GREAT place when I see it! There's nothing I wouldn't do for TLE, because of all it's done for me and my family!