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What are parents saying about TLE?

My daughter started TLE at 6 weeks old. It was incredibly hard for me to trust anyone else with her at first, but right after we started and now at 6 months, I’m certain we’ve made the right decision. Every day at drop off and pickup we are greeted with smiles and good mornings/afternoons. As soon as she sees Ms. Amanda, Taylor, or Jenny in the morning, she gets the biggest smile and starts kicking her feet in excitement. If that’s not the biggest sign of a loving daycare, I don’t know what is. It makes leaving her to go to work that much easier when I know that she feels happy and loved while we’re apart. During the day, I live for her live updates via the app. I feel more connected with her as I see when she’s eating, sleeping, and getting diapered. My favorite part though, are the daily photos. I highly recommend TLE.
I have 3 children who have all attended the Independence Learning Experience. We have spent 8 years attending this daycare. My older two are now in Elementary school and were very prepared for Kindergarten when they started. It amazes me still how much and how quickly they learn. He truly enjoys going to daycare.
My son Trenton started attending TLE in Clarkston when he was just two months old. He was my first and only son so choosing the right daycare was important to me as a new mom. After all, he was going to be spending the majority of his day with these teachers and I needed to make sure he was going to be cared for and feel safe. I can happily say that I made the best decision when I chose TLE! Every teacher has been patient, kind, and just overall wonderful with my son. Every teacher truly cares for him as though he was one of their own. My son has become attached to each of his teachers to the point where he gets excited to share stories and accomplishments with them each morning. My son has also learned so much while attending TLE, he is now in the Preschool 1 class and has learned his colors, numbers, some letters, and will learn to write his name in his class now. He has gained excellent communication and social skills through his time at TLE and I cannot thank everyone there enough for the comfort that I feel knowing he is loved and cared for each day when I am unable to be there for him.
I had the opportunity to send my current teenage daughter to TLE when it first opened 10 years ago when she was 5 years old to the Pre-K program as well as to the before and after school program and summer camp. Now, a few years later, I am sending my 5 year old daughter to the same location. While I was very pleased with the center 10 years ago, my expectations were exceeded the second time around. I found that many of the teachers were still at the center and not only remembered my teenage daughter, but utilized the same or improved teaching values with my second daughter. This center has a variety of external field trips pre-scheduled over the summer which always provides my daughter with something to look forward to. Overall, I highly recommend this center if you are looking for quality childcare mixed with education provided through fun and innovative means.