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What are parents saying about TLE?

Amanda and Stephanie are a great! My son is currently in the infant room! He enjoys going to daycare every day! I love seeing the smile he has entering his classroom and the smile he has when I come pick him up. I love T.L.E and I look forward to my son growing and continuing through each classroom until he graduates!
Hi, I have had my son at this school for 4 years. I have to tell you that it was the best decision I have made. The teachers and staff are very professional and sincere! The school is well kept and very clean which is a big plus for me. The curriculum is great and the school is safe! I’ve had friends ask me what school my son goes to because he is so very advanced. A couple of them even switched to TLE. I give the credit to the Director Ariana and the TLE teachers. I will recommend TLE in kendall to anyone! Thank you to all the teachers and staff for taking great care of my son! Keep up the good work!
Indeed it has been an experience for me lovely place to work. Great teachers and I love the kids
My son started at TLE with barely 13 months old, I was a first time mom and I was terrified of leaving my son in the care of others, but as a mother of this time, the needed to continue working life was not long in coming. I visited 10 different daycare from my area until I found this wonderful center (The Learning Experience of Kendall). My son was just beginning to walk and his adaptation to TLE was so quick that I was amazed, but that was only possible because of the dedication and love my son received in this place, I cannot express my gratitude to each of the people in TLE. Caring for a child at any age is very important and in this place they know it perfectly. TLE has a staff with many values, one of the most important things when taking care of a child is cleaning and personally I have not seen any other place as clean as here. Currently I leave my son every morning confident that here he finds everything necessary to learn and be a healthy and happy child and most important he finds the love we give him in our own home. (Spanish) Mi hijo empezó en TLE con apenas 13 meses de edad, yo siendo mama primeriza me aterraba la idea de dejar a mi hijo al cuidado de otros, pero como mama de esta época la necesidad de continuar la vida laboral no se hizo esperar, recorrí 10 diferentes daycare de mi área hasta que encontré este maravilloso centro (The Learning Experience of Kendall) . Mi hijo apenas empezaba a caminar y su adaptación a TLE fue tan rápida que me quede asombrada, pero eso solo fue posible por la dedicación y cariño que recibió mi hijo en este lugar, no tengo como expresar tanto agradecimiento a cada una de las personas en TLE. El cuidado de un niño a cualquier edad es muy importante y en este lugar lo saben perfectamente. TLE cuenta con un personal con muchos valores, una de las cosas más importante al cuidado de un niño es la limpieza y personalmente no he visto ningún otro lugar tan limpio como aquí. Actualmente dejo a mi hijo cada mañana confiada que aquí el encuentra todo lo necesario para aprender y ser un niño sano y feliz y sobre todas las cosas encuentra el amor que le damos en nuestro propio hogar.