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I have sent my child to The Learning Experience in Matawan for 3 years. I could not imagine sending her any where else. My child loves to go to school, and that is very important to instill a love of learning before entering elementary school. She has gained so much knowledge, I know she will be ahead of the game when she does begin Kindergarten. The staff and administration are top notch. I am deeply impressed with their academic programs, daily summer camp activities, and monthly fundraising events. This daycare/school exceeds my expectations. Therefore, I highly recommend The Learning Experience of Matawan.
My Grandson began his preschool education at The Eastvale Learning Experience as an infant four years ago. As we watched our precious little guy grow and learn in the hands of the professional staff his parents and I were impressed with his love of learning and support during each stage. I was impressed when we were having difficulty getting him to take his medecine. Michelle actually got him to take it himself!! Today he is in Junior Kindergarten and is very well prepared for the academics in a prestigious private preparatory school. He is in the higher reading and math levels and rewarded for his attitude toward learning and his respect for his teachers! Thank you TLE for offering a great start on his educational path! We will check back with you occasionally. Sincerely, Grandma Jere
Hi Surbhi! While Scarlett begins to transition to preppers, I just want to let you know how much we have loved having Mr. Mike and Ms. Kat as Scarlett's teachers. They are so great, and Scarlett lights up every time she sees them and you can tell she really enjoys spending time with them. We are really sad to be leaving them, although Scarlett will learn more in a classroom for a little older kids I know she'll be sad to leave them as well. We just wanted to let you know how great they are! Leslie
My daughter has been going here going on her second year ! Her teachers Ms Allie and Ms Karen are absolutely great and awesome with her ! It is so orgnaize and clean and kids are very well looked after ! I dont trust my child with anyone but i do trust her here at the sewell learning experience ! I love the staff and teachers everyone is so friendly and helpful !