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What are parents saying about TLE?

TLE has been an amazing fit for our little boy. We knew this was the place for our boy after the first tour! We absolutely loved the curriculum and the welcoming staff that work there.
We have had out daughter at The Learning Experience Raleigh since she was 12 weeks and couldn't be happier. Olivia LOVES it and learns everyday. She is so happy when we pick her up and has formed close relationships with the staff! The teachers and staff are amazing and the facility is very secure and so well run.
My family loves TLE! The teachers and staff here are like family and my children love going to school everyday. The attention to each child and their learning is apparent. They also do a great job of teaching social skills and manners. The center is VERY clean and my kids stay healthy, unlike at a lot of centers. We are so glad we found TLE!
We decided to come to the TLE after being at a daycare center for over 5 years. It was an incredibly difficult decision as the staff there had become family. Our family was dealing with our oldest going to kindergarten, new jobs for mom and dad, and switching daycares all within weeks of each other. I had my doubts that I was making right decision, especially since my kids had only ever known the daycare before. Much to my surprise, my youngest (that I was most worried about transitioning to a new place) settled right in pretty quickly. Dropping him off before was always miserable because there were always tears. After the first couple of days at TLE, he now is all smiles and giggles as he waves to me when I drop him off. He actually asks me to take him to school. We've been at TLE for about 6 months now and I'm amazed at how well he's transitioned to this new daycare. Aside from no longer dealing with rough drop offs, he's learned so much! At 3 yrs old, he came home on day 3 telling us all about the Statue of Liberty! Some details we had forgotten about even! He knows sign language and Spanish. Recently he started rattling off different facts about shapes that we had to consult with Google to figure out that our 3 year old knows more about shapes than his parents! The boys adore their teachers and have learned so much while still having fun and being able to be kids the whole time. We are thrilled with TLE and breathe a sigh of relief that we did, indeed, make the right decision to join when we did.