Offering Child Care as an Added Benefit and how we can help you do it

Once your company joins the Work and Family Experience®, we will assist your HR department in setting up and informing your employees of the benefits that come along with the experience. Your company will have a Work and Family account manager that will assist you and your employees with all matters relating to TLE® and the corporate discount program. In addition to being able to give your account manager’s name and contact information to your employees, your Account Manager will also provide you with communication pieces, parent brochures, flyers, etc…for you to give to your employees that informs them of the benefits they are eligible for.

Our account managers may also provide (upon request) monthly, quarterly or yearly utilization reports. These utilization reports can be beneficial for companies to see how many employees are utilizing TLE® for their child care needs. This report also lets the employer see how much the corporation is saving each month, each quarter, and on a yearly basis!

As an added benefit, upon request, TLE® can send a representative to any office building to provide employees with more information on our child care facilities and the generous discount they receive. The same also goes for any benefit/vendor fairs that your organization might during the year.

The Work and Family Experience® corporate discount is just another great benefit you can offer to your employees at no cost to you.