What people are saying about TLE®

"Aaron's only been at TLE for two months but I feel like everyone there goes above and beyond to help us out. I look forward to seeing his teachers and staff everyday. Miss Davi is so friendly and Miss Melissa, Miss Angela and Miss Derese are like a little family for us! Thanks for all your hard work. You really make us feel special!"

Shannon , TLE Parent

"My little guy is at TLE in Chelmsford, MA and he has learned so much. We are shocked and excited when he comes home and signs or shows us a new skill (like wiping his nose with a tissue at one!). His teachers are amazing and the administrators are outstanding. I'm constantly asking questions and talking to them because they care for the most important person in my life. Everyone at TLE takes the time to talk to me and tell me about his day. They show their concern and affection everyday. It means so much!!!"

Kristan, TLE Parent

"Went in yesterday for a tour and an hour and a half later, I signed my 3-year-old up!! Super impressed with the facility and the staff members that I met! I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that my child will be at a place that is not only fun, clean but safe!!! I was most impressed by Chris, the manager, who not only made me feel at home, but at ease by answering all of my questions!! "

Deborah, TLE Parent

"Thank you TLE! My little girl has learned so much this year! This morning I caught her teaching my 10 month old son sign language!"

Diana, TLE Parent

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